Servgroup Aluminium

Servgroup provides the best choice in aluminium, both in terms of range and quality, in Malta. For all your aluminium aperture needs, in domestic, large development and even industrial and office applications, Servgroup is your ideal partner providing the highest levels of service, durability and reliability.

Once a team is committed to quality, as the Servgroup team is, it is only natural that the client’s interests come first. The client will always have the peace of mind that the best materials and parts are being used to manufacture the ordered apertures. This is achieved by constantly monitoring works in progress and adopting new techniques or better systems immediately.

Benefits of using Servgroup:

  • Heavy duty, thick aluminium profile (1.2 mm) – this ensures a sturdy frame, guaranteed to withstand the harshest elements.
  • The accessories Servgroup use are original – made specifically for our systems. This makes the product complete where even the smallest accessory fits in with precision.
  • Many of Servgroup’s competitors use PVC gaskets and not Rubber gaskets. Servgroup use rubber gaskets only since they are flexible, not hard. Hard rubber gaskets solidify in the sun, crack and lose all their sealing properties.
  • The thickness of the glass in Servgroup’s windows is of 5 mm while glass without a middle plinth is 6 mm.
  • Mitre joints are sealed – this reduces corrosion and water ingress.
  • The sealant Servgroup uses between the aluminium and the stonework is specially formulated to be elastic enough to cater for expansion and contraction. This sealant is guaranteed not to crack.
  • Glass panes are sealed with silicone to aluminium to prevent water ingress.

Our comprehensive range of aluminium products include:

  • External doors for balconies;
  • External doors for roofs and internal yards;
  • Windows that can be hinged or sliding;
  • Railings;
  • Frames for curtain walls that can have fixed or motorised flaps;
  • Skylights; and
  • Conservatories