SteelServ offers standard and custom-built heavy duty metal spiral staircases and custom staircases – both in kit form and fully assembled. These can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Heavy-duty spiral staircase kits are assembled in-house, and then dismantled and disassembled for economical delivery to the customer. Our disassembly process also allows for easy reassembly on site, with the added advantage of a finished metal spiral staircase appearance and finish.


Iron handrails give a graceful appearance, with elegant curves, scrolls and architectural details. From modest pipe rails to old-world, elaborate forged scrolls and castings, we can provide commercial and residential wrought iron handrails that complement and reflect your personal style.


Bridges provide an indispensable service – they connect routes and areas in an efficient manner, saving time or creating access to previously inaccessible areas. We manufacture bridges in a multitude of materials and various styles, providing you with the opportunity to create something truly unique both aesthetically and in terms of superior connectivity.