Railings and Walkways

A well fitted railing will guarantee safety from injury for clients, family members, friends and pets. This is why Servgroup pay so much attention to the detail of railing anchorage.

There are many different shapes and forms of railings and, while the choice is endless, the most popular designs are for glass railings, where with a minimal use of aluminium, these railings give a sense of openness to your project.

Servgroup are the only suppliers of “pultruded” fiberglass railings in Malta, an exclusive niche market that was created for strong, life-long railings in saline or corrosive areas.

Walkways are just an extension of skylights and are custom-made for the particular requirement. Walkways are used to cover bridges, pathways and connecting corridors between buildings. This kind of system will protect passers-by from rain and sun, while retaining the buildings’ temperature when completely closed.