Aluminium Partitions and Office Interiors

Partitions promote noise reduction, give an element of privacy and security, with great spatial planning advantages. Above all, they allow you to leave your options open for future modification, especially in large spaces.

There are various partitioning systems:

  • Demountable Partitions which, as the name indicates, can be removed and reassembled in different locations. This system can include solid or glass panels, single or double walls, and can integrate doors and windows;
  • Glass Partitions, using the narrowest profiles; and
  • Standard Profile Partitions, consisting of traditional aluminium profiles, glass and / or melamine panels that are semi-permanent.

Partitions can also be made in steel, stainless steel and wood. This gives the client endless possibilities to successfully complete a project for a specific area.

Raised flooring

  • Ideal for open-plan offices.
  • Services can be passed beneath the flooring, giving the possibility to move the office layout around in a short time and with less expense.