Standard aluminium apertures

Although many combinations of different aluminium profiles can form an aperture, the main systems are:

  • Hinged Outwards/Inwards
  • Sliding Double/Triple Rail
  • Hinged Tilt & Turn Inwards
  • Tilt & Slide Inwards
  • Central Pivoting
  • Folding Multi-Flap

From these basic systems, one can make single- and double-glazed aluminium apertures, opening with complete arch, or top arch fixed, internal doors, security main doors, kontraportas and numerous other applications.

Aluminium thermal break apertures

These are apertures designed to conserve energy by reducing the need of air-conditioning throughout the year.

The aluminium frame is divided into two pieces and a separator material (SM) would then be bonded in between them. The SM is a rigid, low thermal conductive polyamide or polyurethane. This prevents temperature transfer through the frame itself.

The separator material:

  • can be up to a thousand times less thermally conductive than aluminium and up to a hundred times less conducive than steel
  • helps prevent condensation on the inside of the frame itself, which in turn helps to inhibit the growth of mould, especially within gypsum walls
  • dampens vibrations, resulting in the reduction of sound transmittance.



Standard thermal break apertures come with clear double-glazed glass. However, it would be more beneficial to utilise low-e double glazing glass, solar glass or, for optimum efficiency, a fusion of both low-e and solar glass.

By coupling the two, the filtering power is increased significantly, blocking up to 50% more unwanted solar energy than standard clear glass, and up to 40% more than even dark tinted glass.

Aluminium automatic doors

Innovative access solutions enable entrances to be opened and closed through a reliable, energy-efficient system while enabling barrier-free access. The range of automatic sliding and space-saving doors allows relative design freedom and offers a complete system solution for your design.

Aluminium revolving doors

Buildings require solutions that ensure entrances are not only safe, secure and easily accessible, but blend in with the design concept of the entrance zone. That’s where Servgroup comes in. Intelligent, integrated solutions are designed with efficient performance in mind. Their visual appearance also allows creative scope for the design of façades.